Meet our Breastfeeding Mom

Mother's Day Project!! ~~~~~~~~The Story and Keepsake of our Breastfeeding mom
This beautiful mom is wearing a keepsake pearl necklace made with the preserved breast milk from her nursing journey with her adorable son!

"Breastfeeding. A no-brainer for me as I journeyed through pregnancy and motherhood - I knew it was best for baby and mama. I knew it was the nourishment my husband and I both sought for our son. I knew it would be challenging! Still, I could never have predicted the emotional, physical, and mental toll it took on me those first few months postpartum. 
My son Winter latched on beautifully soon after birth, and we were off. From then on, however, we were met with a number of challenges I had heard about but hoped I wouldn't endure. From deciding to switch Pediatricians due to lack of breastfeeding support, to Winter's slow weight gain, to my utter failure at pumping breast milk, every corner turned revealed another challenge ahead. 
I am so thankful to say that we were surrounded with support during this time that helped us power through those first few months of patience, growth, anxiety, and love. A wonderful lactation consultant turned friend, a caring midwife, a calm and collected husband, a friend and sister who both supplemented their own breastmilk for my little guy - we were blessed. We were encouraged and strengthened. We were cheered on when we needed it most.
I'm thrilled to have celebrated 9 months of breastfeeding this past April. I remember saying early on, "If I can come out of all this with the ability to breastfeed, it'll all be worth it..." And it so was. And is. And hopefully will continue to be. 
I'm thankful to have a little piece of this journey in my necklace from A Mother's Dream. It's a beautiful reminder of where we've been, and the truly miraculous mess that breastfeeding is."


a huge thank you to Theresa from Sapphire Images for the beautiful photography of this amazing family

Meet our Adoptive Mom

Mother's Day Project!!~~~~~~~~~The Story and Keepsake behind our adoptive family 

This beautiful mom decided to get our memory locket keepsake necklace. It is filled with the birth month flowers of her two precious children!

"My journey to motherhood started almost ten years ago. I had been married for a couple of years, and we decided that we were finally ready to start our family. Little did we know that it would not be as easy as it was supposed to be. Months and month passed, and I still wasn’t pregnant. I was doing all of the tricks that ‘guarantee’ you’ll get pregnant. I was taking all of the well intentioned advice, “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant!” “As soon as you stop trying, you’re definitely going to get pregnant!” “My sister’s cousin’s neighbor’s brother’s wife’s babysitter got pregnant by just by propping up her hips afterwards!” Thanks, guys. Once we hit the one year point, we were able to see a fertility doctor. We ran all of the standard tests, did months of medication and monitoring, and we even tried an IUI (intrauterine insemination). It was all unsuccessful. After over three years of trying to get pregnant, we decided that we were ready to start the adoption process. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as easy as those people who say, “Why don’t you just adopt?” think that it is. It’s a grueling process that involves have every single aspect of your life looked at. Before you can adopt, you have to get a home study done. This was lots of fun. There’s nothing like telling a complete stranger every single, intimate detail of your life. You know, the important stuff. How much money you have, how much debt you have, if you have a healthy relationship and sex life, what kind of parent you think you’ll be. (A perfect one. Duh.) Stuff like that. They really get all up in your business. That process took about five months, and then we waited to be matched with an expectant mom. The waiting was brutal. You would get calls about potential opportunities to have your profile shown. And if it was shown, then you had to wait and hope that you were chosen. Finally after about 7 months, it was our turn. We were asked to be the parents of a baby boy who would be arriving in less than three months. We were beyond ecstatic. We couldn’t believe that it was finally happening. We told everyone! But unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Once he was born, his mother decided to parent. We were crushed. Though we always knew that it was a possibility; it’s one of the hardest truths of adopting. After grieving the loss, we reminded ourselves that he was never our baby, and that ours was still out there. The wait began again. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait very long this time. Not even a month later, we received a call about another expectant mom who wanted to meet us. A few days later, we made the five hour drive to meet her. She was beautiful, sweet, and prepared with a list of questions! We had a great visit with her and her parents. We answered all of her questions openly and honestly and hoped for the best. Just a few short days later, we found out that she wanted us to parent the baby girl that she was carrying. Once again, we were thrilled, but much more cautiously optimistic this time around. We only told a select few this time. After two months of waiting and building a relationship with this incredible woman, we welcomed our daughter into the world. The day we met our little girl was one of the most bittersweet days of my life. It was the happiest day of my life, but it came at the expense of it being the hardest day of our daughter’s first mom’s life. Adoption is a complete emotional roller coaster. There are so many twists, turns, ups and down. What a wild ride! Three years later, we would do it all over again. We welcomed our son into the world shortly after our daughter turned three. It was a completely different experience the second time around. But they both have their own, unique stories of how they came to us. Today, we maintain wonderful relationships with both sets of our kids’ birth parents and various members of their families. We love what open adoption has done for our family. Without those four amazing people who created our amazing children, we wouldn’t even be a family. It was a long, treacherous road to parenthood, but I would do it over one hundred times to get the chance to be mommy to my two little loves."
~ Tiffany

a huge thank you to Theresa from Sapphire Images for the beautiful photography of this amazing family

Meet our Mom to this precious Angel Baby and his beautiful siblings

Mother's Day Project!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Story and Keepsake behind this beautiful angel baby and his family
This amazing mom chose our keepsake pearl filled with a thread from each of her children's wraps. 

"My husband and I married in 2003 and started trying to start a family right away. Words aren't enough to explain the struggle when year after year went by with nothing. After more than 5 years of trying to conceive, I finally had a positive pregnancy test! We were overwhelmed, and over the moon with joy! Unfortunately that joy turned to heartbreak when we went for a routine appointment just past 15 weeks into the pregnancy and were told his heart had stopped, that our precious baby had passed away. I still remember that day so clearly, even now, almost 7 years later. No parent should ever have to know that hurt, our children should never die before us. Our world had crumbled and our hearts shattered as we grieved the loss of the child we had waited so long for. I was induced the next day and delivered a 3oz, 6" baby boy that we named Andrew.

The immediate aftermath was the hardest season of life I have ever gone through. I still can't breathe when I think about my son's funeral. Just typing this, I feel my chest getting tight and I have tears running down my face. Grief changes but it never ends.

I consider myself to be very blessed that I was able to hold my son, that I have pictures of him, and that I had a supportive community that allowed me to grieve the way that was right for me. I was able to talk about my son as much, or as little, as I chose. I was never pressured to stay silent for the comfort of others, or to pretend like my son never existed so that other people didn't have to be reminded that pregnancy and infant loss are not only real, but disturbingly common. The best thing anyone has ever done , and will ever do, for me is to remember my oldest son. Some people do this by saying his name as naturally as they speak of my living children, some do it by listening to my same stories over and over again, A Mothers Dream is doing so by creating this amazing keepsake necklace that includes all 4 of my children. I am a mother to 4 children even though I only have the opportunity to parent 3 of them. When people remember and acknowledge the child they cannot see, it means the world to my forever-grieving momma heart.

My husband and I have been so blessed that our family continued to grow. 2 months after Andrew's delivery, I became pregnant with our "rainbow baby" and he was only the first of 3 "take home babies". My living children could never replace Andrew, but they have sure helped this mama's heart to carry on ♡ "

"Because I love you with an everlasting love." 
Jeremiah 31:3

a huge thank you to Theresa from Sapphire Images for the beautiful photography of this amazing family

Meet our Expecting Mom

Mother's Day Project!!!! ~~~~~~ The Story and Keepsake piece behind our expecting mom. This beautiful mom is expecting her first child! She chose the feather bangle with keepsake beads. Her beads were created with dried flowers from her wedding crown, and bouquet as well as flowers from her baby blessing 

"Who would have thought that someone not even born yet could be so loved? We just can't wait to meet our baby boy Levon! Pregnancy is so deeply spiritual to me--transforming from a maiden into a mother. This little guy chose us! What an honor!"

a huge thank you to Theresa from Sapphire Images for the beautiful photography of our expecting mom 


Meet our amazing moms!!

Everyone meet these amazing moms and their beautiful children 💜💜these four women worked with us on our Mother's Day project This year! We gifted each of them a piece of keepsake jewelry that represents their children and their story. Each day we will be sharing a keepsake and the children and story behind the piece. We love and support moms and their families! By doing this project we hope to bring love, comfort, and strength to others who can relate. Never feel afraid to share your stories.💕 Help us celebrate amazing mother's all over the world!

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." 💙