Offering keepsake and family jewelry. Making memories last a lifetime.  Each piece of jewelry is essentially a custom design as we use your very own inclusions and design combinations. Inclusions can include breast milk, lock of hair, cremation ash, placenta capsule, fiber/fabrics, wrap scraps, and dried flowers. Most of our customers come to us wanting something to remember a journey, to hold onto memories, to celebrate, to find comfort, to have and hold onto and always remember.  We are always adding new designs to our keepsake line.  We also offer six custom spaces a month where we can work together to create a design and keepsake from beginning to end.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss and make your piece of keepsake jewelry. 





Pregnancy & Birth Doula Services
-Antepartum Support
-Works with mother and family on prenatal education
-Bedrest support
-Supports mother with her birth choices
-Emotional, physical, and spiritual support before, and during labor
-Pregnancy, and birth photography with Sapphire Images by Theresa Little

           Postpartum Doula Services




- Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and pumping support 

--Meal planning/preparation

-Light housework, and childcare so mother can rest, heal, and bond

-Mother, baby, and family postpartum education and support

             Placenta Encapsulation






- Placenta Encapsulation

-Placenta Prints 

-Keepsake Jewelry 







Hand Knitted Flax Pillows can be used to help the symptoms of headaches, sinuses pressure, cramping, and general aches and pains.  We have teamed up with Crooked Creek Alpacas to bring you our one of a kind beautiful hand knitted covers.  The covers are made of 100% alpaca yarn so they naturally help hold in the added heat or coolness of your pillow and are hypoallergenic.  


Belly Painting






Belly Painting is an art that has been practiced through generations of women in many different areas of the world.  We can bring you belly mapping and painting, as well as traditional art painting and henna! 

Baltic Amber





Baltic Amber has continuously grown in popularity over the years! We use raw baltic amber beads that range in colors from light butter shades, to honey, and even a deep brown almost black shades.  It is said that amber contains succinic acid, which is a natural analgesic and healing agent. We safety knot and use breakaway clasps on our pieces designed for babies.

Mama LLama Line





We have teamed up with Crooked Creek Alpacas to bring you this tried and true Mama Llama Line!! We make natural and safe creams for breastfeeding, cradle cap, diaper rash (cloth diaper safe), chap stick, and lotion for even the driest of skin!